Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S !!!!

Happy Christmas, and welcome to my blog!

I can't say what you can expect to find here as I'm not really sure yet myself! I'm just going to play it by ear.

Anyway, to begin with, here is a lovely flan dish I picked up in a charity shop the other week. I haven't made the Christmas Tart, but if anyone reading this does, I'd love to see a photo! And of course, do tell me what it tastes like!

Next are my adorable new owl decorations. Actually, they are more of a mixture of an owl and a parrot! But that's OK as I love owls, parrots, and indeed all our feathered friends.

Where will you be for Christmas? What are you planning to eat, drink and do?

I will be in my beloved Lake District; thinking, dreaming, and gazing out of my window. I'm looking forward to doing some reading, writing and poetry. Some songwriting and composing too I hope.

Fingers crossed I will actually get to have a Christmas dinner this time. Last year, a combination of too much bouillon powder (far too salty), soggy spuds (we suspect they'd frozen and thawed before they were given to us), and a new smoke alarm we hadn't been warned about conspired against us, resulting in the bin enjoying our meal. Luckily we had a pizza and Indian party selection in the fridge!

The nut roast and all my other provisions have been ordered - let's just hope it doesn't snow too much and prevent the Tesco van reaching me. I will go easy on the bouillon this time!

Have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are, and I wish everyone a happy and successful 2012.

See you next time!